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PostSubject: Employers   Employers Icon_minitimeMon Jun 16, 2008 1:00 pm

Do you have independance to lead a shop and keep staff active?

We need employers to keep smaller group of staff active. Our plan is to open up The Finest Thread, selling fashion clothes with good service and advice, and also sew special cloth for even the most picky costumer. Aswell we will run the cloth shop in the park, included enchanting service. Who haven't tried to go search whole Stormwind with no luck for getting their armor, weapons or somthing else enchanted, with no luck? We'll make a difference!

This will be our everyday activity, so when we are not hosting entertainment, the shops will be our main job to run.
Not only the cloth and enchanting will be useful to run. We also need somone to drive the "Five deadly venoms" to sell bandages, anti venom, potions and special herbs. We got a goal to make it into Stormwind's apotechary with best service.

A person with knowledge about bows and arrows also come of use, one to run a leader, chainmail and plate shop and two inkeepers too.

The inns will be the most tough challenge to manage. One will be for the jolley and wilder parties, and will be the empty inn in the park. So far, no one have managed to drive the pub stable, or offer further impressive service. We will try make a difference by running it with stable opening times and simple timing.

The other closed inn, will be runned as a nice and cozy restaurant with delicious menu and romantic candlelight. There's a great lack of nice restaurants in Stormwind, and therefor, this is one of our many goals to make a change on. If you wonder why not opposite, it is simply because of the lack of kitchen in the park. It will be a challenge to make welcomming and stylish restaurant in the dusty dwarven district, but it's not impossible.

Again, you will not need to be able to cook or servicise, but know how to make timing plans, so that the inns will be stable open, and be remembered for great service and nice enviroment.
If you got a gift in merchandising, management and hosting nice atmosphere, you will be the one we are looking for.
You don't need to be able to sew, brew, cook or anything alike to become an employer - you will need your overview to find and activate skilled workers to do the job for you.

So far we already have an employer to run Pyrotechs in Mage Quarter.

To offer your assistance in these most importaint jobs, mail Yasmien Nightingale or Derran Rambleton.

Your sincerily

Fablewind Faire
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