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 Second Ladies Night, final event

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PostSubject: Second Ladies Night, final event   Wed Dec 10, 2008 9:11 am

Right folks, here’s presentation recap of the event thus far:

  • It will be on the 18th of December at 20:00 in the Purple Palor of Dalaran (lasting roughly for one and a half hours)

  • The food will be provided by the Ledgerdemain Lodge and will be a magical buffet to make things easier for us. This practically means that people can just emote anything they’d want out of it.

  • The drinks are trickier, for now I’m assuming they’ll be handled the same way as the food but I’m open for suggestions here. Perhaps we will play waiters and serve ‘em properly if we have enough Fablewind folks there?

  • For entertainment I am imagining we will go with two of Yasmien’s ideas; The Present Game and the “Where’s Walley”. This is still open for further suggestions and I suppose we’ll need a speech to introduce everyone to the event, and perhaps one at the end too.

  • Kammill, it would be lovely if you would make those “goodie bags” for those that have GHI, however I think it would be too cheeky to assume that all of our guests have it so we’ll leave the food and drink out here if nobody has any objections.

Current plan (open for suggestions and corrections)
20:00 - Event starts. We will be there to greet those that get there on time.
20:15 - The people that prefer running fashionably late will hopefully have arrived by now. So, the first speech is held, and the buffet is opened.
20:30 - The first game begins. I am imagining that this will be the “Where’s Walley” one. Might I suggest we have several hiding locations prepared, if the ladies find the hiding person too soon?
21:00-21:15 - Depending how long the first game takes, the second game (Present one) will start around here.
21:30-21:40 - Depending how well the game is going, it will stop here. Second speech is held.
22:00 - Last possible time to stop the event.

Here are the games, as described by Yas;

The present game:
  • We need to find as many items as the count of invited ladies. It is not impotaint if we get more gifts than guests who shows up - it just leaves more for the guests

    Then we need to roll with dices one by one as guests. If we are many, we will split up in smaller parties with one present warden.
    Every time a guest rolls 6 we hand out a gift untill all the gifts are shared out.
    Then we set a timer for a special space.. let's say 20-30 minutes. Now every time a guest rolls 6, they may steal a present from the other in the party - so it's about to remember who got a lot of gifts and to dig in as many presents for yourself as possible.

    When the time has runned out, the gifts you've won may be opened.

    Now this will be extra funny if we put a lot of strange items in between. you know, like a dress in one, a flower in another, perfume in one and then somthing completly outcasted, like a shark bait in one of them. Grey, white, green and blue items.. we got a lot of strange things in the bank we could take for instance. Things I can not sell anyway.

We need someone to volunteer to find presents here, I'll get to it.

The “Where’s Walley” game:
  • Perhaps we could also make a "where's Walley" round where we dress one member up and let him/her run for 5 minutes in Dalaran. Next step is to let the ladies run around and look for him/her. The winner gets a nice gift!

Locations and a gift is needed here, I'll get to it.
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PostSubject: Re: Second Ladies Night, final event   Fri Dec 12, 2008 6:41 am

It sounds perfect!

We got:

Liranna as a waitress
Kamill as the goodie bag "sharer"
Derran as the host (Of course he needs to be host for the ladies night! Laughing )
Méryl as waitress too and perhaps "Wally"? Cause I am not sure if Stealth would be to cheat..

I am not quite sure where I should place myself, but I could imagine I should stand beside Derran, fixing troubles if he needs some help. Perhaps to whisper people while he do somthing else or what ever..

Then we got Liiah as bouncer, making sure no boogie men will ever bother our dear princesses.. hmm.. and what more? queen
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Second Ladies Night, final event
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