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 Larn Dvragosich: The Apprentice

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PostSubject: Larn Dvragosich: The Apprentice   Larn Dvragosich: The Apprentice Icon_minitimeWed Dec 03, 2008 3:57 pm

Long ago in draenor, when the orcs roamed freely and the legion had yet to discover the secret of our last survival, a legendary hero of the draenei people called Larn "the purger" Dvragosich lived as a hermit. Even though many a draenei thought him dead against the long savage horde of the first clans. Larn lived peacefully trying to find inner balance living as a hermit, only once every decade coming down from his mountain said to be of gold, and tall as the very sky it fought. Larn famous as he was did not want to ruin the illusion of his own surpass. But for once something in the world tickled his mind and tempted him to come out of the long time of shadow he had cast upon himself. This something was the very clan lord of the Frostwolfs son. Grish Clearheart He unlike his farther and ancestors cared little, not said nothing about the pettifull skirmishes with the He found his heart in an artform of the defenders of light Ashak'shat'kra "The way of the holy light" the way of the swordmaster.

Even though Grish was an orc and as an orc violent from birth he found peace with the sword. And this was something Larn had been looking for in the Draenei who as of late had dedicated there swords to the destructiveness it holds. So Larn traveled from the misty golden top of his mountain and found his way through Draenor. When Larn found the Frostwolf clan he began his search of this "special" orc. It took many a day and night but at last he found young Grish. The conversation between the two's first meeting was a dance. The dance of blades in the moonlight skies of the cold and icy mountains.
The dance was over quickly in Larns favour, but Grish had for ever marked his skill in the annals of Grom'gil. Larn who had practised the blade for three full centuries had been so impressed that he as soon as he had beaten Grish took him into apprenticeship. The annals of Grom'gil says that Grish accepted this gift with a pride that had cursed him to the day he died on the field of Urtabash, the ancient stronghold of the Migadaw clan.

So the long jorney to the golden mountain started here a long way from the hights of the Frostwolf to the Draenei plain. This time Larn traveled in the open so the world could see he had taken an apprentice of the orcs. The orc had shown the suprise in pride, because even the strongest og orcs had family who had fallen to Larn. And in contrary to Draenei culture and custom the orcs celebrated the honor gained in combat even if you lost.
So the real problems lay at the plains of the Draenei. Even though the Draenei pride themselves with not lingering on vengeance this is not completely true, and we had just finished the last of the wars we fought each other in.

At the high gates of Mount Badoon Larn and Grish had arrived at Draenei territory, and the peacekeepers at the gates didn't look too happy to let an orc inside. When they reached a trading camp south of Mount Badoon they met a newly elected blademaster of the Hand of Argus. To show his strength it is custom on Draenor to duel two blademasters against each other to say who is the leader, but this Hand of Argus refused to let his blade of the light touch an orcs blade in Holy dual. So insted in fury Grish dishonored the blademaster and forced him into a dual to the death, This was the first time Grish had shown what stuff he was made of and a long fight it was. Grish stated his position with a Boar cleaves the sky and was with great difficulties sent in another direction by a Hummingbird in the Peacebloom. A quick stap of the stick hit Grish in the chest and stabbed through him what grish did was leaning in on the sword cutting the hands of the draenei over and seperate his head from the should all in one liquid movement. This was how Grish gained honor in the mountains of Badoon. When they moved on after Grish healing and the death of the draenei blademaster. Grish was suprised to hear that Larn threatened him with leaving him with his swordhand cut off if he ever did push the balance of the mind away again. Even so Grish never truly did. 10 years later when Larn was done with Grish and the time was for them to move from the golden mountain, Larn had just been told that the Migadaw clan together with four other tribes had joined and attacked the Frostwolfs. Grish was restless the whole trip to his forfathers old fortress. On the road Larn the great hero of which he was named the Purger had gathered together a small band volunteer draenei and orcs. This was the first time orc and draenei had gathered to go into war together, and all made possible because of the grand master of the blade Larn Dvragosich and heir to the clan seat of the Frostwolfs Grish Clearheart. The small band grew in size from, small band to large band, from a large band into a small army, when at last it was a grand army. This army had set in mind to rescue the Frostwolfs and make an end to the pity wars of Draenei and Orcs.
A noble cause indeed.
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Larn Dvragosich: The Apprentice
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