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 15th of june - First Meeting!

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PostSubject: 15th of june - First Meeting!   Sat Jun 14, 2008 6:27 am

Greetings, all my jesters, merchants, bards and wonderous wonders in general!

We will be gathering in the Slaughtered Lamb tomorrow to celebrate the founding of our glorious faire. Miss Nightingale and I will have all the information that you possibly could want - and quite possibly a fair bit more. To spice things up a little, we'll have a little game and furthermore a little surprise for you all!

Stay safe, Light bless,
- Derran
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PostSubject: Re: 15th of june - First Meeting!   Sun Jun 15, 2008 1:35 pm

((For thise who could not meet, I have the message here, which all member IC will recieve a "link" to. This is a faster way to do it, instead fo sending 7 mails to each member. Please read this through.))

Dear fellowship of Fablewind Faire

First of all I will inform you about what exactly you have signed up for. It will fully be allowed to change your mind and leave if you please, but please read this through first.

Fablewind Faire, will not just be a faire. It will be a company who works on keeping up the moral in these dark times. We work to please the poor aswell as the rich people, the orphans and the elders. Our creativity will be to use for those who accept it.

Furthermore, we will not only be travelling and restless fools. We will have our court of peace here in The Slaughtered Lamb, where no'ne rarely will bother us. It wont be such a big deal travelling from place to place, now when we have magicians and gryphons.

We have seen so much poor quality goods and way too many closed shops. It is time to get use of them! The finest thread, the bow and arrow shop and the cloth shop in the park and so much other dead boutiques will be our goal to open and drive. With a pleasant smile and ettiquette, we should sell the finest dresses and enchants. Who have not tried to run around like a fool to get a tailor or enchanter to craft you somthing? People need a location where they know they can get what they need!

At special dates, we will run our faire, meet and sell our skills in craftmanship, entertainment etc. and make a show out of it. We will run fire shows with dareful mages, settle up camp fires and tell stories for the participants, teach them about the nature with shamans, hunters and druids to tell about the herbs and beasts of Azeroth and Outlands and much more.
On these days, we suppose that fruit and candy vendors will sell more, and the more creative, the better. Selling flowers to the lovebirds would not just be an easy way to earn your money, but also a favor to the gentleman, to show his affection.
Ice icecream and rice cakes also will be popular on a sunny day.
Furthermore, it is clear to see, that the use of alcohol is way too high in Stormwind, and there's way too little offers for a romantic date. I suggest that we make a change and offer a great service with delightful dinner in the candles dimmered light.

All this will only be a start goal, and we hope to succeed and make Stormwind and other towns into pleasant homes for heroes and folks.

If you have any questions about the faire, please mail me, and we'll make a date for a personal meeting, or take the questions up for discussion at next meeting

Thank you!

Ms. Fablewind
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15th of june - First Meeting!
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