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PostSubject: Unsertain?   Unsertain? Icon_minitimeMon Sep 22, 2008 7:51 am

As you probably have noticed, we attempt to choose quality above quantity in the faire, and it so far is working rather well.
I have notised that many who whisper me in the game for information, and I've advised them to go read the Information in this forum, they once again call me, asking what we need and what job they should pick from the jobs list.

I want to point out that the jobs list isn't a way to push out other ideas - it is more made as a suggestion list to inspire people, choosing an interesting, creative job. But we do not decline other suggestions, that is not on the jobs list. So do not find your own ideas stupid, and if we decline your offer, it isn't to knock you in the head, and we will of course explain why we decline an offer.

You need to remember, that we are no guardians, vikings, army but as the guild name says: A faire. Often people ask if they may join as spy, soldier or guard and that hopefully makes sense that they get a no. Earthen Ring is filled up with raid, army and guardian guilds, and they'd for sure be open for a knight more in their guild. But we are, and do work on being as original and creative as possible, and we are interested in finding the original and creative people to help making fun for other people in the RP-Community.

So try think throuhgh, if you aint sure, what is it you can add in a faire? Who is your character, and in which way would it fitt him/her to join a faire and last, but not least - how dedicated are you?
We can not keep you activated or make fun for you, if you do not join actively yourself. Do not espect to recieve more than you put into it. Those who get a lot out of being in the guild, is those who suggest things, talk with people and open up.
The leaders of course do host events, but we appreciate that the members do the same, since it takes a lot of time and energy to make such things, and it is a great feeling to think "I really do somthing here for people!" and you will get more appreciated by the other members.

Then you perhaps might ask "Why can't I just make my own guild then, if I have to do anything on my own anyway?". And well.. you don't do EVERYTHING on your own - you supply somthing to the rest of the team. And a guild is in some ways a bit like a football team: it's best when you actually teamwork and add your service, everybody.
Also, the reputation do increase if you are many in a nice team who create somthing together, having fun. It inspires other and they appreciate what you do.

I hope this helped on some of the questions you perhaps might be sitting with queen

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